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Dog mobility

Many options exist for dogs with mobility issues.

Why all the lab work?

Lab work reveals a more comprehensive picture of what's going on inside your pet's body.

Why does my pet need an exam?

A physical exam is an opportunity for your veterinarian to uncover a wide range of possible disease processes in their early stages.

Arthritis in pets

Changes in a pet's behavior may indicate arthritis pain. What can pet parents do?

The best reasons for using a house call veterinarian

The most important “being” in the house call equation is the patient.

Why I love being a house call client

I am a veterinarian who does mobile visits, but due to the limited scope of my practice, I also choose to have a mobile veterinarian come to my home to treat my pets.

Why I love being a house call veterinarian

What makes a house call veterinary practice special?

Life as a Vet

Sometimes the life of a vet seems to be a lot more than we signed up for.

Pet Anxiety

Many pets suffer from some level of anxiety, ranging from just a startle response to extreme fear and destructive behavior.

Pet aggression

Aggression can come in many shapes and forms in our pets. Signs of aggression should be dealt with early on, quickly and consistently

Traveling with Pets Is Getting Easier

Travel with pets is getting easier as more hotels and motels accept them.  Perhaps traveling on a train with a pet is about to become acceptable as well.

Pet Insurance Ins and Outs

Insurance for pets has been around for over 30 years, but it continues to be baffling to both pet parents and veterinarians. So many questions arise when debating a pet insurance purchase.

Best laser visit

I have seen hundreds of pets in their homes using laser therapy as a modality to treat pain. Some are (or at least became) happy to see me, a few not so much (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, JIM.) But one event took place that has stuck with me and cemented my faith in laser therapy at a very early point in my mobile laser career.

Getting in touch with your pets

Pets don't always like to be examined, so it's a good idea to get them used to having their ears and paws touched and their mouths checked out. It will give you a baseline to refer to when something is amiss.

Lasers: They’re not just for evil geniuses anymore

Laser therapy is used to decrease pain, increase the rate of healing and minimize the damage inflammation has on affected tissues. It is being successfully used to help pets suffering from a range of conditions.