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The Prescription for Sweet Kisses

February is not just for Valentine's Day. It's also a month set aside by the veterinary profession to exalt the benefits of dental health for our pets. 

Dog Breeding Checklist

You’re quite certain that your dog is the most perfect creature to ever walk the earth, and you’d love to have another one just like them. You decide that the logical next step is to find them a partner and plan for puppies. But before you jump in with all paws, consider the magnitude of your decision.

Dog mobility

Many options exist for dogs with mobility issues.

Signs of dog aggression

At what point should your dog's protectiveness be considered aggression?

First aid for pet poisoning

Accidental poisonings are threats to pets. Learn how to avoid and prepare for this danger.

Why does my dog eat grass?

If you have a dog who nibbles grass, you may have asked yourself this question.  Read what researchers have found .

What does a dog see?

Dogs don't see the world in the same way humans do, but scientists are learning more about the similarities and differences.

What I’ve learned about puppy training so far

Training our crazy ball of fur.

Not rocket science, this is dog science

You know your dog is smart, but now he can go to Duke University, and as Dr. Brian Hare, co-director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center says, it's easy to get into the program and the tuition is free. Yale and other universities are also doing canine research because, let's face it, we want to know what our best friends are thinking.

What you should know about shelter dogs

heal blogBetsy-&-JimYou've adopted a shelter dog and that makes you awesome, in my book. You may have also made the eternal solemn promise to your shelter dog. "You will never be abandoned again."

Are you too good to your pet?

Obesity in pets, both dogs and cats, is rampant. In fact, the percentage of overweight and obese cats is higher at 57.6%, than dogs at 52.6%.  How do you know how much to feed your pet?