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Dog mobility

Many options exist for dogs with mobility issues.

How to visitor-proof your home

How do you keep your dog, who is intent on visiting the neighbors, in the house when people are coming and going?

What I’ve learned about puppy training so far

Training our crazy ball of fur.

The more the merrier? Adding a pet to your pet family

heal betsy and JakeI always wanted my pets to play together, but until recently my pets' personalities just didn't jive. My dogs were always rude to my cats, and my cats were usually unappreciative of my dogs.

Getting in touch with your pets

Pets don't always like to be examined, so it's a good idea to get them used to having their ears and paws touched and their mouths checked out. It will give you a baseline to refer to when something is amiss.

A dog’s nose doesn’t know

Does a warm nose mean your dog is running a fever?