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Dog Breeding Checklist

You’re quite certain that your dog is the most perfect creature to ever walk the earth, and you’d love to have another one just like them. You decide that the logical next step is to find them a partner and plan for puppies. But before you jump in with all paws, consider the magnitude of your decision.

Why all the lab work?

Lab work reveals a more comprehensive picture of what's going on inside your pet's body.

Why does my pet need an exam?

A physical exam is an opportunity for your veterinarian to uncover a wide range of possible disease processes in their early stages.

Arthritis in pets

Changes in a pet's behavior may indicate arthritis pain. What can pet parents do?

First aid for pet poisoning

Accidental poisonings are threats to pets. Learn how to avoid and prepare for this danger.

Pet Insurance Ins and Outs

Insurance for pets has been around for over 30 years, but it continues to be baffling to both pet parents and veterinarians. So many questions arise when debating a pet insurance purchase.

Dr. Google, my vet and me: Partnerships in pet healthcare

heal blog vet partnerships"If you get sick, pray it's something common, because if it isn't, you're in trouble!" That is what my Petfinder co-founder said after his experience as a radiology resident in one of the top hospitals in the country. The same could apply to pets.

Taking a cat’s temperature

Cats can run fevers for a variety of reasons. Signs include loss of appetite, lethargy, shivering, rapid respiration or symptoms of an illness.

Are you too good to your pet?

Obesity in pets, both dogs and cats, is rampant. In fact, the percentage of overweight and obese cats is higher at 57.6%, than dogs at 52.6%.  How do you know how much to feed your pet?

A dog’s nose doesn’t know

Does a warm nose mean your dog is running a fever?

How much exercise does your dog need?

Exercise is vital to your dog's good health and also to his good behavior. How much exercise does your dog need?