Why I love being a house call client

Although I am a veterinarian, and a veterinarian who does mobile visits no less, due to the limited scope of my practice and my 100% belief in house call medicine, I also choose to have a mobile veterinarian come to my home to treat my pets. Being on both ends of a mobile veterinary visit has given me a glimpse into not only how great it is to be a vet who does house calls (Read WHY I LOVE BEING A HOUSE CALL VET) but also to truly see the benefits of being a house call client.


I have, of course, had multiple, wonderful positive interactions in the clinics that I have used over the years and would never diminish the capacity for care and benefits that a good hospital can provide but I must admit that once I realized house calls were a thing, I became a bit of a convert.


Here are five reasons why being a house call client is great:


1. It is easier to set up a visit for multiple pets and often having the vet in your home allows them to notice/observe things in pets you hadn’t scheduled for a visit.


2. Transport of pets becomes a non-issue. Not only does this include things like getting large, arthritic dogs into the car, cats who fight any attempt to enter a carrier and pets that vomit the minute they see the car keys, but house calls also provide an option for clients who might otherwise not be able to get their pets in to the vet due to physical, transportation or time constraints of their own.


3. As an anthropomorphizing, helicopter and likely overly sensitive pet parent, I truly appreciate the ability to avoid the guilt associated with “forcing” my pet to go to the vet. For pets who get stressed, anxious or aggressive at the hospital, this option is particularly valuable.


4. Generally it is much more convenient to be at your home and fit a visit into your schedule. Being able to get things done around the house—working, keeping kids occupied or even catching up on Netflix while you’re waiting—is a pretty nice benefit to house calls, especially in this day and age of trying to fit 28 hours of things to do into a 24-hour period.


5. We often have many questions and thoughts when it comes to our pet’s health. The time allowed for an in-home visit is generally ample enough to get those thoughts across, questions answered and to feel that a thorough treatment plan has been created.


These are some of the many advantages to being a house call client. Now to find a doctor that makes house calls for humans…

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