First aid for pet poisoning

Accidental poisonings are threats to pets. Learn how to avoid and prepare for this danger.

Why does my dog eat grass?

If you have a dog who nibbles grass, you may have asked yourself this question.  Read what researchers have found .

The best reasons for using a house call veterinarian

The most important “being” in the house call equation is the patient.

Why I love being a house call client

I am a veterinarian who does mobile visits, but due to the limited scope of my practice, I also choose to have a mobile veterinarian come to my home to treat my pets.

Why I love being a house call veterinarian

What makes a house call veterinary practice special?

What does a dog see?

Dogs don't see the world in the same way humans do, but scientists are learning more about the similarities and differences.

How to visitor-proof your home

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Life as a Vet

Sometimes the life of a vet seems to be a lot more than we signed up for.

Pet Anxiety

Many pets suffer from some level of anxiety, ranging from just a startle response to extreme fear and destructive behavior.

What I’ve learned about puppy training so far

Training our crazy ball of fur.