Many pet parents nowadays have heard people refer to “senior” pets, that term given to animals that have reached an advanced age as it relates to their average lifespan.
Now that I have practiced for over 35 years, I realize that I want to do what I love best for the remainder of my working life--having a much closer, more personal relationship with my pet parents and their beloved pets by providing care in their own environment where stress is much less and the pets are more "themselves."
Preparing to be a pet parent should be done with just as much forethought as we should put into starting our human families.
June is Adopt-a-Cat or Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.  A lot of people think of cats as the "step-pets" of companion animals--sort of like how Cinderella was viewed by her family. 
April also is Heartworm Awareness Month, and every pet parent needs to hear about heartworms and be familiar with the reasons to prevent their invasion into their baby's bodies. 
April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and in this time of added stress and anxiety over our own lives and the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, this topic offers us an opportunity to look beyond ourselves to those creatures who are at our mercy all the time. 
Taste definitely relies on the tongue and taste buds, so it surprises us when our pets eat things like fertilizer or pennies or potpourri. Luckily that stuff isn't toxic (except to our imaginations), but there are so many things that are poisonous to our furry babies that we need to educate ourselves about...
February is not just for Valentine's Day. It's also a month set aside by the veterinary profession to exalt the benefits of dental health for our pets. 
You’re quite certain that your dog is the most perfect creature to ever walk the earth, and you’d love to have another one just like them. You decide that the logical next step is to find them a partner and plan for puppies. But before you jump in with all paws, consider the magnitude of your decision.
Your house may be hazard proof normally, but new hazards present themselves during the holidays.